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Lessons & Lesson Policies 

We started out as a music academy and music education will always be the core of our organization. All of our instructors are highly qualified industry professionals who themselves love music with a passion. It is our desire to impart this joy of a life filled with music with you. We do this in a nurturing environment, in comfortable well-kept facilities and in a community of music lovers. We also can boast that we are the only music academy for miles around that uniquely offers, Ukulele Lessons and Oboe Lessons.

Please Note: Group lessons are not set up by the studio, in order to have a group lesson, please bring in another student that you are comfortable taking the lessons with. In order to ensure the learning environment is the most comfortable for students, Opus Music will not set up group lessons. When two strangers are put in a class together, more often than not, the learning environment becomes uncomfortable and therefore the students are not able to learn to their full potential. Group lessons can be as few as two people, even if they are siblings or family members. Once a group class is set up, no additional students will be added unless requested by the original party who set up the lesson.



ColorSoundation is a goundbreaking method of early music based on the association of colors, notes, and tones. In practice for over a decade, the ColorSoundation technique offers a structured, yet nurturing environment for children ages 3-8 to learn music literacy, rhythm, and pitch perception. Students develop both social and personal skills through a multitude of engaging physical exercises, group activities, and individual assignments. More than a music and movement class, ColorSoundation is a tried-and-tested method for music instruction that produces actual results.

Please Note: ColorSoundation is a groundbreaking method of early music instruction based on the association of colors, notes, and tones for young children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. The program is designed and broken down into four levels for a two year commitment. Taking all 4 levels is proven to be the most beneficial for students; this will ensure the student gets the most out of the program. For older students, please inquire with the studio about starting at the Music Literacy Level (Level 3).

*The current session of ColorSoundation classes will run from December 2018 to April 2019.

For further questions please see the following links or contact Opus Music via phone or email.


Recitals & Ensembles 


We celebrate our accomplishments together by holding recitals in Winter (December) and in the Spring or Summer (mid-May or June). Our teachers also arrange for occasional studio showcases, which are recitals featuring the students of just one teacher. Click the image below to view the flyer for the upcoming recitals!


Opus Music is also always looking to form ensembles within our program as well with the young (and young at heart) musicians from around the community. Music played in ensembles is a tremendously beautiful thing. The outcome is almost always much greater than the sum of its parts. The very definition of synergy!

Opus Music's Ani-Song Ensemble (Japanese contemporary music) performing at the 2017 Recital.


Opus Music Store 

Beginning in 2009, Opus Music is now the Southern California Showroom to elite lines of instruments by Sean Brennan (formerly of Brennan's Violin Shop), Kenny G Saxophones, Ronnie Lawes Saxophones and the full line of Rheuben Allen instruments. Although smaller music retailers beat out big box stores in service and atmosphere, they typically do not compete in terms of price point. However, through these dealer relationships Opus Music carries instruments and accessories that far exceed our competition in quality, playability and durability. Moreover, our prices beat any competing lines often times less than half the price! We've accomplished this by forming strategic alliances with manufacturer, designers and instrument builders to bring you the finest instruments for prices that you quite frankly cannot pass up!

Our beautiful violins waiting to find a home!